6th September 2017



We had a fantastic Christmas Concert in our spiritual home of St. George’s, Bristol! Check out some of the numbers we performed…

River Deep Mountain High

Dream On


Join Gasworks Choir this New Year!

For the first time in many years, we have some spaces for our new term. Get your New Year off to a flyer and join us in the new year.


Gasworks 20th Anniversary Gala Concert

Gasworks celebrated their 20th Anniversary in style at Bristol’s St. George’s in 2017. Watch Ali and Jess conduct the opening number:

“I Gotta Feeling/Get Lucky” by The Black Eyed Peas/Daft Punk, arr. Ali Orbaum.


‘Gurt Gasworks’ at Bristol’s Colston Hall

Gasworks performed at Bristol’s Colston Hall in 2012 at our “Gurt Gasworks” concert with fellow local choir Gurt Lush, It was a great night and a great video was made! The lovely Sarah Pennington led the choir with Ali that year.  Here’s a couple of highlights:

“Wichita Lineman” by Jimmy Webb, arr. Ali Orbaum. 

Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen, arr. Ali Orbaum. 



Bring ‘Em All In by Mike Scott, arr. Dee Jarlett.  One of our favourite choir songs ever, permission kindly given by Mike Scott of The Waterboys. He wrote this song while living in the Findhorn community in Scotland.


You Don’t Know What Love Is by Jason Orbaum, arr. Ali Orbaum.  A beautiful song written by Ali’s brother Jay many moons ago which Ali later arranged for the Gasworks.


And here’s the original version sung by Jay:


Something Inside So Strong arr. Dee Jarlett. Our favourite anthem.


La Rosa Enflorece trad. Sephardic arr. Ali Orbaum 

Then and now…We first sang this gorgeous song way back in 1998 at the Newman Hall in Westbury on Trym, and performed it again at our May 2014 concert in St George’s. We’ve come a long way and these recordings demonstrate that wonderfully!

La Rosa 2014…

La Rosa 1998…